Absorption Chillers are equipment that use waste heat from microturbines, engines, combustion gases from industrial processes, among others, to generate chilled water up to 4° to be used in the processes of your equipment.

• Water cooling up to 4°C

• Minimal energy consumption (6KW per 400 TR)

• Lithium bromide cooling technology

• No refrigerants, ammonia or any other additives required

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Electricity Generation; Principles and Characteristics in Chillers for Industrial Cooling

With over 17 years of experience in the energy sector, specializes in providing innovative solutions to reduce electrical and thermal energy expenses. In this section, we delve into the heart of our solutions: chillers. We'll explore how these electricity generators are essential for maximizing efficiency in industrial cooling and how DTC Machinery excels in providing customized services to meet the specific needs of each client.

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DTC Machinery Chillers: Beyond Conventional Cooling

Our chillers are not merely cooling devices; they are energy-efficient engines designed to take your production to the next level. By embracing cutting-edge principles, we ensure outstanding performance that goes beyond simple cooling.

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Advanced Principles for Effective Cooling

The innovation in the design of goes beyond simple cooling; it involves implementing advanced principles that ensure optimal thermal efficiency. In this section, we'll break down two fundamental approaches that place our chillers at the forefront of industrial cooling technology.

Vapor Compression: Elevating Efficiency to New Levels

At the core of our chillers lies the robust principle of vapor compression, a proven technology perfected over the years. This approach ensures efficient heat extraction, keeping the operation at the pinnacle of thermal efficiency.
Vapor compression operates by raising the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant through compression. This process drives a cycle that allows efficient absorption and dissipation of heat, ensuring precise temperature control at all critical moments of the industrial process. Our chillers' ability to provide not only cooling but also precise temperature control translates directly to optimized production and preservation of product quality.

Absorption: Committed to Environmental Sustainability

In our constant pursuit of eco-friendly solutions, offers chillers that utilize the absorption principle. Though less common than vapor compression, absorption stands out for its effectiveness and lower environmental impact. This approach aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing sustainable solutions.
Absorption technology involves the use of an absorbent and a refrigerant to achieve cooling. As the refrigerant evaporates, it absorbs heat from the surroundings, allowing for efficient cooling. This approach not only reduces dependence on environmentally harmful substances but also demonstrates our firm commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Key Features of DTC Machinery Chillers

Guaranteed Energy Efficiency:

At DTC Machinery, we take pride in offering chillers with an exceptional coefficient of performance (COP), reducing your operating costs and meeting your environmental goals. Each unit is designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the impact on your budget.

Adaptability and Scalability:

We understand the dynamics of constantly evolving industries. Our chillers are not only adaptable to different thermal loads but also scalable to meet your needs in an ever-changing production environment.

Advanced Control Technology:

In the era of automation, our chillers incorporate advanced control systems for precise temperature and thermal load management. This not only improves operational efficiency but also reduces energy waste, offering total control at your fingertips.


Waste heat can be recovered and reused in other processes, which helps reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Using waste heat from machines or equipment such as microturbines, furnaces, ovens, boilers, incinerators, burners, fireplaces and engines, our absorption chillers can generate chilled water of up to 4°C.

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The absorption chiller is a type of refrigeration system that uses a thermodynamic cycle to cool water. It uses a refrigerant that is absorbed in a liquid to transfer heat and cool the water, which makes it a more efficient system.
Absorption chillers recover heat from an external source to produce chilled water, the heat source can be direct air, hot water, direct flame and steam.

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• High efficiency

• Working at partial loads

• Independent circuit to process circuit

• Remote monitoring and support

• No vibrations

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• Food & Beverage

• Automotive

• Aviation

• Semiconductor

• Oil & Gas

• Energy

• Pharmaceutical

• Institutional

• Marine

• Pneumatics

• Chemical and petrochemical


• Controlled environment

• Hot stamping

• Extrusion machines

• Plastic injection molding machines

• Pasteurization

• Raw material preparation

• Chrome plating and galvanizing processes

• Paper and plastics manufacturing processes

• Food and beverage refrigeration

• Chemical and petrochemical process refrigeration

• Air conditioning systems

Discover the Potential with DTC Machinery

represent the cutting edge in electricity generation and thermal efficiency. If you're looking for not just a cooling device but a comprehensive solution to boost your production, contact us today. At we are committed to taking your operation to the next level. Discover how we can optimize your efficiency!

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